Bangladeshi designer participates at the London Design Festival

Desk Report: As a celebration of the 20th anniversary of London’s famous Victoria and Albert Museum, an exhibition is being held from 17 September to 25 September. Digital Design Weekend’ is a part of the festival in which Bangladeshi designer Nusrat Mahmud and her team are participating for the first time ever. 

Reportedly, she and her team dressed a Tepa Putul (Folk Doll) in digitally-designed fabrics. The skirt worn by the doll was designed with Jamdani motifs. The exhibit was shown via augmented reality.  This exhibition is a joint project of Bureau Five Fifty Five and Brihattva Art Foundation. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum is known as a plinth for arts and crafts lovers in Billet. The museum even has preserved samples of the lost muslins of Bengal and many expensive jamdanis in their collection.

Nusrat Mahmud said that augmented reality will be used to present the digital design skills. The main objective of this presentation is to inspire social and environmental awareness by highlighting Bangladesh’s traditional handicrafts through the digital medium. The exhibit depicts a bridging of the past, present and future of Bangladesh’s traditional handicrafts, nature, people and technology.

The two organisations will be represented by the co-founders artist Biswajit Goswami and Nusrat Mahmud, another co-founder of Bureau 555, fashion and textile designer Gabrielle Shiner-Hill and the AFM Muniruzzaman, teacher at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s handicraft will be highlighted through this exhibition and the handicraft designs will be transformed into digital resource which can be used as for product design and product development purposes. This will considerably cut down on carbon emissions in the supply chain.