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Bangladeshi textile professionals are becoming expart to save 5 billion USD which is given to foreign professionals

Md. Tafsirul Islam, NITER

Every year textile industry of Bangladesh is getting so many textile engineers from different universities. At present 32 universities, colleges, institutes are offering textile engineering degree in Bangladesh. But what are their opportunities in textile and garments industries. According to a report 5 billion dollar from Bangladesh are going for foreign workers every year whereas our textile engineers can be alternative to replace the positions.  According to Mr. Abdul Jalil, General Manager, Maksons Group , “Bangladeshi textile engineers are giving as much effort like the foreign professionals. Yet 50% of industries are lead by foreign professionals.”

Abdul Jalil, General Manager, Maksons Group
Abdul Jalil, General Manager, Maksons Group

Mr. Jalil mentioned that in the early age of textile industry of Bangladesh, there were inexperience employees, non-tech employees and textile industries followed conventional ways of operation. But at present scenario has been changed. We have experienced employees, more qualified engineers and modern operating system. But the important question is does our Bangladesh study curriculum provides modern industry knowledge? According to Prof. Mashud Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Textiles there is always gap between textile education and industry but universities are trying hard to reduce the gap and make the education more practical oriented.

In current age of modernization china, India and other developing textile countries can operate their machine with 80 percent efficiency but Bangladesh average machine 50 percent. Mr. Abdul Jalil said that, this gap gives a huge impact in the competitive textile countries and only skillful textile professionals can fill this gap. He advised the textile professionals and fresher to have the most practical knowledge and learn how to be more competitive in textile world.



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