BESTSELLER signed women empowerment project for Turkish Suppliers

Desk Report: One of the international, family-owned fashion companies BESTSELLER has signed a new agreement to develop a women empowerment programme for its suppliers in Turkey, building on the success of reaching the Fashion FWD target of empowering 100,000 women four years ahead of schedule.

Together with ACEV, a women and child education NGO, BESTSELLER will develop a new women’s empowerment programme in Turkey. The Turkish market accounts for roughly 15 percent of BESTSELLER’s business volumes, making the agreement with ACEV an important step towards reaching the goal of equipping female workers in garment factories with the skills, the environment and the opportunity to make informed decisions about their personal and professional life.

Under the new partnership, ACEV will work with BESTSELLER to develop a curriculum for a women empowerment programme, which incorporates lessons from BSR projects in different markets. Once the curriculum is finalised, the pilot will run over 10 months at four hand-picked suppliers. Between 1,500-2,000 women will attend 10 sessions focusing on different topics, from accessing health resources to digital literacy.