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SELECTED FEMME/HOMME’s stores in Denmark have awoken from COVID-19 hibernation with a new digital tool to optimise their in-store experience. BESTSELLER continues to take great strides within digitalisation having rolled out its In-Store Ordering (ISO) solution in all SELECTED FEMME/HOMME stores in Denmark.

With Danish society continuing to reopen after an extended COVID-19 lockdown that started back in December, adding ISO to SELECTED comes just at the right time, with all Denmark-based SELECTED stores open again.

SELECTED joins JACK & JONES and NAME IT as the BESTSELLER brands to have embraced ISO as part of their digitalisation efforts. “During the most recent lockdown period, we have prepared and implemented a number of digital initiatives so our stores have more options to service our consumers than before. This was both about preparing for reopening but also the long term,” says Ulrich Topp, SELECTED’s Head of Retail & Concept.

“It’s all about making shopping as convenient for our consumers as possible, so they can shop again and support their local SELECTED store regardless of whether they are on the go, at home or visiting a physical store.”

Increasingly important

ISO is one of BESTSELLER’s most widespread digitalisation solutions. It links stores with their brand’s webshop via a big touchscreen in the store allowing staff or customers to browse the online selection, which makes all fits, sizes and colours available.

In SELECTED’s case that can mean up to 2,200 extra styles to choose from. Once the preferred style has been found it is shipped free of charge to the customer’s home.

“We see that ISO is becoming a core retail process in our stores. We see examples where this solution is currently contributing more than 10 percent of a store’s turnover. This indicates that the solution is adding value to our consumers and we are able to deliver a much better in-store experience,” says Amit Bendtsen Sharma, BESTSELLER’s Head of Business Development.

Having now established ISO with three brands, BESTSELLER’s Business Development department has learned a lot about both the solution and the process.

“Planning is key to a successful roll-out,” says Kristoffer Toft Petersen, BESTSELLER’s ISO Product Owner. “With a clear plan we move fast, and deliver a great solution on time. With SELECTED, we have adapted ISO to a brand with both female and male customers. It’s twice as many categories and the menu still has to feel fast and easy to navigate.”

Quietly confident

At SELECTED, ISO’s previous success at other BESTSELLER brands is cause for optimism as part of their continuous drive to improve the customer experience in their stores.

“The screens were delivered to the stores in March and our focus – so far – has been to make our colleagues comfortable with the process and the new system,” says Ulrich.

“But obviously our expectation is that ISO will contribute to turnover and customer loyalty, as well as change the way we buy in our stores.”