BGMEA and Kuhu to take Bangladeshi culture, heritage to global arena with garments


Desk Report: The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with noted fashion designer Kuhu Plamondon to explore the opportunity of exporting garments linking rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh with fashion.

On behalf of BGMEA, President Faruque Hassan inked the agreement which aims to collaborate on
developing high-end fashionable garments blending local culture and heritage and taking them to global customers.

BGMEA Vice President Miran Ali, Directors Barrister Vidiya Amrit Khan, Md. Imranur Rahman and Neela
Hosa Ara were also present at the MoU signing ceremony.

As per the understanding, BGMEA and Ms. Kuhu Plamondon will collaborate to inspire the embedding of
Bangladesh’s culture and sourcing materials to produce high-end products.

The collaboration aims to build capacity building of the local weavers so that they can use their
craftsmanship to design international standard apparel maintaining the quality.

It will explore the usage of indigenous materials for manufacturing export-oriented apparels.

The art and culture, symbol, motif, color etc. of Bangladesh will be embodied into the apparel so that it
can be used to explore the untapped business opportunities.

The usage of sustainable and natural materials in the design and manufacturing will be promoted so that
it can fulfil the increasing demand of eco-consciousness among the western buyers

BGMEA and Kuhu Plamondon will jointly work to develop an iconic brand image of Bangladesh to aid the
export of Bangladeshi culture

BGMEA and Kuhu Plamondon will jointly organize workshop for garment factories and local artisans to
impart training on developing designs where local textiles and motifs will be used to create a line of
fashionable clothing to fit the new generation.

The collections will be promoted, particularly through fashion show and exhibitions, buyers’
presentation and digital marketing to create brand awareness.