BGMEA appreciated Digital Customs Bond Management System

The National Board of Revenue’s Bond Management Automation Project officially launched the bond license application module of the Customs Bond Management System (CBMS), which has received praise from the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

At the inauguration ceremony of the Bond License Application Module, hosted by the NBR on Sunday, 7 August, Acting President of BGMEA Shahidullah Azim said, “Through this, an expectation of the garment sector has been satisfied.”

He added during the inauguration event, “This will increase openness in customs procedures and move them closer to becoming paperless. The export procedure will save time and money, and the government’s revenue will rise.”

He added that the Bond Management Automation Project’s Bond License Application Module, part of CBMS, is in line with the current administration’s Vision 2041.