BGMEA President stresses on promoting culture and heritage to boost global image of Bangladesh

Desk Report: The rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh should be promoted globally to boost brand image of the country internationally, said Faruque Hassan, President of BGMEA. “The deeply rooted heritage of Bangladesh is reflected in our architecture, literature, music, painting and clothing. Promoting our culture and heritage will help to create a distinct identity of Bangladesh and a positive brand image will provide a vital competitive advantage in the globalized economy,” he said while speaking at a discussion on the role of technologies in preserving heritage on February 11. SME Foundation and the Association of Fashion Designers of Bangladesh with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs jointly organized the event on the occasion of “Heritage Handloom Festival 2022” that started at the Gulshan shooting club in Dhaka.


The festival is showcasing different handloom products for local and foreign visitors along with items produced by the indigenous communities of Bangladesh. Honorable Posts and Telecommunications minister Mustafa Jabbar attended the discussion as chief guest. President of the Association of Fashion Designers of Bangladesh (AFDB) Mantasha Ahmed also spoke at the program which was presided over by Chairperson of SME Foundation Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman.

In his speech Faruque Hassan said, Muslin, Jamdani and other handloom sharees like Taant, Khadi, Motka, Muga, Tassar, Manipuri etc which bear an iconic image of Bangladeshi culture and tradition. “We have to explore the opportunity of exporting Bangladeshi apparel by linking our rich culture and heritage with fashion,” he said. “If we can reach the global consumers including a huge number of Bangladeshi people living abroad with these apparel, it will help to make Bangladesh’s tradition well known in the international arena and pave the way for exporting our rich culture,” the BGMEA President further said.