Bluesign got official recognition by German Government for its sustainable approach.

bluesignBluesign, a textile chemical management specialist company, has been recognised by the German government for its sustainable production for public procurement purposes. Bluesign invited over 500 stakeholders to participate in the feedback process for the most recent revision of its Bluesign Criteria, allowing the Bluesign System to continue to develop.

According to Kilian Hochrein, Director-Environmental Affairs, one of those stakeholders, this will help transform and improve the textile industry’s market and technological protective apparel segment. It will help Gore’s efforts to provide high-performance protective fabrics with the least amount of environmental impact to professionals in the public safety, defense, and workwear arenas, he said. The Bluesign System sets and controls standards for the environmentally friendly and healthy manufacture of sustainable textiles, with the goal of eliminating hazardous substances from the start of the manufacturing process.