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Boyish Jeans and Paskho in collaboration with e-commerce support desk technology Gorgias are confronted against profit benchmark


competeIn a start-up pitch competition organized by Fashinnovation, an international forum that links fashion innovators, Boyish Jeans and Paskho in collaboration with e-commerce support desk technology Gorgias are confronted against profit benchmark. The two brands chosen as Finalists using a submission-based framework to limit potential brands have submitted their business proposals to a team of VC judges for the NYFW 2020 Worldwide Talks forum. Victress Capital’s Madeline Keulen and Reformation Partners’ David Rogg were judges.

Capital and market awareness competes with both labels. The bundle includes a door-to-door meeting with VC investors, a free audit of their Facebook ads at the Mutesix ad agency, three months of free customization for Shopify from Rewind data service providers, and discounted e-commerce marketing service at Omnisend. This includes the CRO audit from the strategists BlueStout, three months of free customer service. In the next few days, the jury will pick a winner. In spite of its two years of existence, Jordan Nodarse, founding and design director of Boyish Jeans, highlighted the company’s increasing success in denim. The brand was introduced in its first year by big retailers including Nordstrom and small shops. The technical knowledge of denim from Nodarse was necessary to advance the brand. In 2019, a Rivet 50 honorary was named. He added that working for the ethical clothing brand Reformation helped him to understand the benefits and the outs of sustainable mode and to be innovative with fabric innovations. “They are good enough for me in order to start my career and be a jack for all businesses from design to design and fabric production.” “I could recognize there the way fibers could be blended together, which was not easy.”

Nodarse has checked the accolades, including their fully mapped supply chain, 100% carbon-neutral status. His future plans are to introduce the accountability strategies of the company and to expand the direct business to customers. The presentation by Nodarse was followed by the panelist Patrick Robinson, the founder of the Paskho group, who addressed the turnaround of the travel-centered brand clothing during the Covid 19. Robinson was persuaded to start its Community-Made Line — basically a network — that links customers with the people who make their clothes directly after he saw the high unemployment rate skyrocket. He tipped small, recent jobless manufacturers into the pool for the initiative.