Brand Finance named Nike as the most valuable apparel brand

brand-finance-named-nike-as-the-most-valuable-apparel-brandBrand Finance named Nike as the most valuable apparel brand in the world this year. The US sportswear label’s dominance in the rankings has been cemented over the course of the last year through a high-impact marketing strategy responsible for the likes of the brand’s controversial Dream Crazy ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The repercussions of this campaign made front-page news as some US fans reacted negatively to the move but the weekend following the ad’s launch saw Nike’s sales soar. Other big winners in this year’s top ten include Cartier, shooting into fifth place, and Louis Vuitton, which held onto sixth place.

Brand Finance is a brand valuation and strategy consultant. In second place in the consultancy’s ranking is Spanish fast-fashion retailer Zara. Zara supplants H&M which has seen a 16 per cent decrease in its brand value since last year and has now fallen to fourth place. Zara’s integrated store and e-commerce model has helped the brand gain access to 106 new national markets, while H&M has continued to struggle with increasing levels of unsold inventory. In third place this year is Nike’s rival, German sportswear label Adidas. The European label also took a chunk out of Nike’s North American market but, given the current distance between the two brands’ values, its US-based competitor seems fairly secure in its leadership.