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Brands are transitioning to be more sustainable

Customers have been questioning them on the subject for a while and certain brands have been ahead and already found answers — usually young brands that are free and committed. Fair trade sourcing business Fairly Made has managed to create a library of resources, listing around 800 eco-friendly fabrics, which have been classified as natural, synthetic, and cellulosic fibers. Mirae has small-batch production and uses the most sustainable materials possible. When selecting fabrics, the brand chooses Oeko-Tex certified materials and excludes synthetic textiles. Gentle Factory chooses to go up each level of the supply chain to ensure that all eco-friendly and sustainable criteria are met. However, since controlling each step of the value chain is not easy, the brand asks Tier I suppliers to give detailed information on their materials, who in turn ask their Tier II suppliers etc. Gentle Factory looks at each level of its value chain. One big challenge for change-makers is the durability of products. Gentle Factory is built on simple and timeless products and has its own internal laboratory where it tests textiles and then the finished products.



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