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Browzwear Adds New Capabilities for Garment Presentation, Expanding Opportunities to Leverage 3D Solutions From Design to Retail Merchandising

vhbBrowzwear, a global leader in 3D technology for the apparel industry, today announced the new, merchandising-friendly features and functionality now available in VStitcher and Lotta. In this update, Browzwear is reinforcing its commitment to providing solutions that help businesses leverage 3D from concept to commerce and maximize the value of their technology investment. With this update, Browzwear users will benefit from even more true-to-life 3D visualizations and a workspace that brings the freedom to create and showcase designs in ways conducive to merchandising. The version also adds a new, hyper-realistic parametric avatar and support for file formats used in animation.

Fold and Hang Workspace

Created to meet customer demands for additional ways of presenting garments as they are most frequently shown in merchandising settings, this new workspace in VStitcher enables designers to easily and realistically show their creations folded, hung or floored. Because VStitcher provides accurate representation of fabric, reflecting the weight, drape and other qualities of the physical counterpart, the 3D items look exactly like they would in real life even when they are laid on a table, folded or hung.

In contrast to alternative solutions, which often either provide pre-folded templates or require the work of 3D specialists able to completely recreate the garment in the desired form, Browzwear’s method is an intuitive analog to folding a garment in the real world. Not only does this give designers complete freedom to style the garment in their preferred manner, they can complete the process in half the time it would otherwise take.

Fold & Hang renderings are incorporated in VStitcher’s Snapshot feature, a unique file saving mechanism that enables designers to provide many different views of a single garment, including different ways to fold, hang and dress avatars. Additionally, if one view in the Snapshot is updated, those changes are automatically reflected across all of the views in the file. This reduces duplicative work and streamlines workflows when creating iterations and alternations to designs.

Olivia, the New, Hyper-realistic Parametric Avatar

The latest update introduces Browzwear’s newest and most true-to-life avatar, Olivia. A parametric avatar, Olivia’s physical measurements are customizable, and to ensure the result of adjustments are realistic, changes to any aspect will shift others not already set by the user accordingly. The new version also brings new flexibility to import parametric avatars created in external software into VStitcher without risking loss of fidelity to the original parameters. This allows brands to use the avatars that best represent their target shoppers. Browzwear will continue to enhance the avatars’ customization options in order to offer customers a fully-inclusive set of true-to-life avatars that realistically represent the diverse array of ethnicities in the world.

3D Trim Editing with Support for Texture Maps

The updated version also introduces new flexibility when working with garment trims such as buttons and zippers. Whether using trim options from Browzwear’s library or custom trims created with Browzwear or other solutions, they now have more freedom to change the texture of the trim directly from the software. This includes the ability to add PBR maps to the 3D trims directly in VStitcher, which enables them to achieve the most true-to-life quality without the need to create and import another 3D trim.

Animation Compatibility

The new version of VStitcher also includes support for more file formats commonly used with animation software. Adding to VStitcher’s existing ability to export animated garments in OBJ and FBX file formats, the software is now supporting variations dedicated to animation including OBJ+MDD and FBX+MC. This greatly increases designers’ ability to bring their 3D designs to life, which is growing in importance as both the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about climate change necessitate the industry’s increasing digitization.

“Now that the fashion industry is embracing 3D for the design process, we are accelerating development of capabilities such as Fold & Hang that give more freedom to leverage 3D from the very first flicker of an idea in a designer’s mind to the purchase decision made by the consumer,” said Avihay Feld, Co-Founder and CEO of Browzwear. “With this update, we believe we’ve truly delivered on that notion, and with these new capabilities, we expect to see more of our customers expand the number of ways they’re using our solutions to drive efficiencies.”

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