BUFT Career Development Club-Steps Toward to Sustainable Career

BUFT Career Development Club is founded to create a community of career-conscious students who will always be focused on making themselves more dynamic & skilful.  They will be capable to fight against all the obstacles that they may have to face in their future career. They will always practice & follow the appropriate guidelines and paths that will help them to reach their targeted goal. 

BUFT Career Development Club

Motto: Steps toward to sustainable career. 

Purpose of BUFT Career Development Club: 

❖ To increase the interest of students in Career Development works by providing  each of them with proper guidance and knowledge; 

❖ To introduce students to corporate culture, issues & so on; 

❖ To enhance creative leadership skills; 

❖ To provide an opportunity for students to amplify their critical thinking and  also demonstrate their creativity; 

❖ To provide up-to-date information, field of work, postgraduate courses and research opportunities both at home and abroad. 

❖ To help students to understand and develop the necessary skills to equip them  for whatever career path they choose; 

❖ To provide opportunities for students to understand their competencies and options through a variety of means including personal discussion with professional advisers; ❖ To provide experts advice and information on career issues to the students; ❖ To enrich students with basic skills like communication, networking, public speaking, negotiation, professional presentation, anchoring etc. 

❖ To hold sessions on Life Talk, Career Planning, CV writing & other  necessary corporate things; 

❖ To prepare a student so that he can make a better future for him. 

❖ To ensure development in soft skills for a better career. 

❖ To provide clear guidelines in order to choose the right career path. 

❖ To give the opportunity to build a corporate

Key Activities: 

⮚ Discussion about career opportunities both at home & abroad.

⮚ Exploration of new career paths. 

⮚ Discussion about businesses, marketing strategies, human resources etc.

⮚ Making plans for a better future career. 

⮚ Practice corporate culture & behaviour. 

⮚ Practice interviews. 

⮚ Practice presentations, English public speaking, negotiation etc.

⮚ Discussion about new opportunities. 

⮚ Went to a factory visit. 

⮚ Visited job fairs, career-related seminars, workshops, festivals etc.

⮚ Collaboration with companies from different sectors & learn from them.

⮚ Collaboration with big factories & get opportunities from them.

⮚ Organized corporate events. 

⮚ Organized corporate meetings. 

⮚ Organized seminars, workshops, career festivals etc. 

⮚ Learning new things every day. 

⮚ Always think & work for a better future. 

⮚ Doing all of those works that will have to be faced after graduation.

BUFT Career Development Club is founded on 15 July 2018 to create a community of career-conscious students who will always be focused on making themselves more dynamic and skilful. They will be capable to fight against all the obstacles that they may have to face in their future career

BUFT Career Development Club always try to suggest the appropriate guidelines and paths that will help a student to reach his/her targeted goal. 

What they have done till now: 

1. Seminar on CV Writing & Career Guideline at 2018 

2. NRB Jobs Present BUFT Career Fest 2019 (Job Fair & Day Long 4 Workshops) 3. 6 Month special course on Adobe Illustrator. 

4. Online Session on Effective CV Writing & Importance of Linkedln 5. Online Session on Supply Chain Management 

6. Online Session on Job Opportunity for Textile Background Students 7. Free enrollment opportunity of Coursera’s all courses 

8. Experience Sharing by 2 Live sessions by Alumni of BCDC 

9. An online competition BCDC Quiz competition 

10. Online Seminar on Recruiters’ Expectations from a Fresh Graduate 11. Factory visit at Lantabur Group 

12. Collaboration with Dreamzone Bangladesh 

13. Collaboration with Epyllion Group

14. Visited to IUBAT National Career Festival 2021 14. Collaboration with Epyllion Group

15. Attended UK Education Fair 2022 at Hotel Sarina organized by GECC 16. Organized Intra-BUFT Public Speaking Competition 2022 17. Online Seminar on Public Speaking 

18. Seminar & Quiz Competition ‘Texpertise 2022’ 

19. Collaboration with Walton Group

20. Successfully organized ‘BUFT Career Summit 2022’

21. Factory Visit at Epyllion Group. 

22. We have won 11 out of 15 awards in 5 competitions of the 7th International Business  Genius Bangladesh – 2022. Also got the ‘Best Participation’ Award. 

23. Attended ‘5th Bangladesh Marketing Day’

24. Successfully organized ‘BCDC Leadership Bootcamp 2023’. 25. Attended ‘5th Entrepreneurship Conference’

26. Visited IUBAT National Career Festival 2023

27. Organized online workshop on ‘CV Writing’.

Club Activity Summary on Graph: 

⮚ Online Seminar & Workshops: 8 

⮚ On Campus Seminar & Workshops: 13 ⮚ Competition: 4