Bulgaria is to recruit RMG workers from Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a good reputation for the RMG sector & a good number of skilled workforces related to this industry. Bangladesh is also exporting skilled RMG manpower to some countries. Bangladesh already exported skilled RMG manpower to Jordan where they are getting approximately 22000/- BDT per month.

Recently, a European country Bulgaria has shown a keen interest in hiring skilled RMG labor from Bangladesh for their fashion industry. Mainly they are looking for Sewing Machines Operators, Pressing Machine Operators & Textile Tailors. They have offered a lucrative opportunity for the RMG workers of Bangladesh. Locally they are paid around 8ooo-8420 BDT but in Bulgaria, they’ll get five times higher salary which is approximately 460$ 0r around 45000/- BDT. In the primary stage, two Bulgarian companies are in process of hiring 100 workers. Bangladesh Overseas Employment & Services Ltd. (BOESL) has already begun the hiring process.
According to the Job circular-
1. Both Male & females who are aged between 20-35 can apply for the job.
2. Work permit for 3 years but can be renewed.
3. Additional $50/month will be paid for plane tickets & food costs along with salary.
4. Room will be provided for them where 3/4 people can live all together.
5. Workers have to pay Electricity bill & Water bill.
6. Basic duty 8 hours.
7. Workers can do overtime & will be paid as per Company’s law.
8. Accidental & related other stuff will be funded as per Bulgaria’s National Work Policy.
BOESL is expected to charge 52740/- BDT per person for recruiting people where 45000/- is a service charge and the rest is related to other costs. The stakeholders claim that BOESL is charging for the immigration process like private farms while It’s a state-owned organization.
According to TBS, The General Manager of BOESL has told them, “The charges for immigration are decided by Board Members of BOESL. If it is too much, we will take up the matter with the board again so that it can be reconsidered.” BGMEA president, Mr. Faruque Hassan added that “For the first time any European country has taken official initiatives for hiring RMG labors from Bangladesh.” He further added, “We think everyone has the right to choose a better life. The Bulgarian factory job offer will help the workers live a better life. At the same time, we are training more people to build skilled manpower.”

BOESL conducts practical tests for interested candidates every Friday at the Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Center. After the selection of BOESL. The Bulgarian company representative will come to Bangladesh & finalize their hiring process through a re-exam process.  Apart from that, Bulgaria is making clothes for generations and they are having good business with other European countries. It’s a preferable destination for others as the labor cost is comparatively lower than in other European countries. 

In the 2020-21 fiscal year, Bulgaria earned 1.79 million dollars from exporting cloth and shipped RMG worth 2.27 million dollars in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. So, it’s clear that Bulgaria has a clear vision for spreading their business & which might bring a better opportunity for RMG laborers of Bangladesh. Though they are hiring only 100 people at the initial stage we can expect more this number will increase later on.