Burberry is expanding its garment rental business

burberryBurberry is expanding its garment rental business. The premium fashion business has teamed up with My Wardrobe to rent out some of its most iconic pieces, including the classic trench coat, for a minimum of four days and up to 14 days. If a buyer does not want to give up, it is also feasible to purchase a thing secondhand, which is less expensive than purchasing it new. Scarves, trench coats, T-shirts, skirts, jeans, and shoes are among the options. Renting clothing is becoming increasingly popular among young people since it is the only way they can afford to acquire high-end designer gear for occasions such as weddings, theme parties, picture shoots, and filming. The global market share is dominated by women’s online clothes rental and ethnic wear. Men’s end users and western clothing styles are also experiencing strong growth.

Such measures aid in reducing fashion’s environmental effect. All of these alternatives to traditional fashion, whether it’s purchasing secondhand, recycling, mending, upcycling, or renting items, assist to dramatically lessen the fashion industry’s environmental imprint. By 2030, emissions from this fast developing industry are estimated to exceed 2.7 billion tons per year.