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Business in pandemic


Minhazul Hoque, Director, Fatullah Group

minhazulDue to pandemic, business as a whole is in a struggling period, we cannot really say how we are at the moment, we are taking each day as a new beginning as we really do not know what the next day will be. We are in a crisis for sure, not only we are losing our businesses but we are also losing so many of our business idols and business stakeholders during this pandemic which is irreplaceable.

As an association, first priority is to safeguard our industry. Bank plays a vital role in this crisis moment, association must take a step to talk to Bangladesh bank on behalf of our clothing industry so that all the sub sectors of this industry can run smoothly, many factories are on the verge of being closure but to make them running in this pandemic through banking support and government facilities should be the main agenda.

Besides more and more promotion of social hygiene and specially Covid-19 related hygiene needs to be addressed in all the factories so that it can educate our workers and officers about the new normal era.