I can see a bright prospect of Bangladesh textile market in coming days………Jim JW Lau, President, Global Chemicals International Ltd.

Global Chemicals has been focusing in the textile auxiliary chemicals industry for more than 20 years. By means of constant technological innovations, it continuously providing the most advanced and competitive products to our customers. With great success, Global Chemicals is now well known as Textile Softener Expert in the textile industry. Recently Global Chemicals International Ltd. celebrated its 20 years business success with its Bangladeshi customers. Eco Colour Chem the local agent of Global organized the grand celebration events. On this occasion Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with Mr. Jim JW Lau, President, Global Chemicals International Ltd. in some key issue of their business success in Bangladesh market. Some of the key discussion are presented bellow for Textile Focus readers.

Photo: From left Mr. Jim JW Lau, President, Global Chemicals International Ltd., M A Islam Riyadh, Editor Textile Focus

Textile Focus: How have you been developed in last 20 years?

Jim: We have a strong Research & Development department in our plant and we invested huge for the last 5 years. We closely work with universities for research and developments. We encourage the talented researchers for new finding and developments. With our sophisticated R&D team and facilities, we were awarded National Post Doctor R&D Station in October 2003. In cooperation with renowned domestic research institutes and universities such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China University of Technology and South China Agricultural University, we continue to expand our range of eco-friendly textile chemical products.

Textile Focus: How do you ensure the quality?

Jim: We simplify the production process by Utilizing high volume storage tanks for liquid raw material and monitor the whole production process by digitalized controlling system. We execute ISO9001:2008 Standard, the stringent quality management system guarantees that we only deliver high-end and qualified products to our customers. We have highly educated quality control team with experienced engineers. We obtain CNAS Certification, our lab is equipped with automatic tiltrotor, gas and liquid chromatography, high precision and viscosity gauge. We execute stringent controlling standards of raw materials and finished products. We also maintain regular quality management system training.

Textile Focus: What is the present market of Global Chemicals in the textile industry?

Jim: As you know Global Chemical is one of the largest softener flakes manufacturers in the world. We have a large market in China and also we are doing business in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Combodia, USA and South America. We have the biggest market in Bangladesh. We have 50screenshot-195
different products and in Bangladesh we are selling only 7-8 products. We think we have the scope to work more in Bangladesh market. We are searching the opportunities of Global products in Bangladesh market. We are very keen to work closely with Bangladesh market. We are planning to arrange some training modules for Bangladeshi customer to develop them with the competitive quality products. We have already proved our strength in softener flacks in Bangladesh market and now want to introduce other textile finishing products.

Textile Focus: As you have a good market in Bangladesh do you have any plan for setting any manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.

Jim: Bangladesh is improving gradually and I am very pleased with the developments. I can see some visible infrastructural developments. But, I think this is not the right time to think about this. We are very comfortable with our local agent Eco Colour Chem and Mr. Sk Masud Rana is rightly supporting us in Bangladesh market. We hope for the best but right now we don’t have any plan to think about manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.

Textile Focus: Thanks you!