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Government Officials, Bankers, and Bureaucrats: Support in the Beginning of the Industry, Especially RMG Entrepreneurs, to Grow

Since its independence, Bangladesh has witnessed a remarkable rise in entrepreneurship, largely thanks to the crucial role played by bankers and bureaucrats. Many individuals...

Unveiling the Powerhouse Material: A Deep Dive into Aramid Fibers

The following designation was adopted in 1974 by the United States Federal Trade Commission to describe aromatic polyamide-based fibres under the generic term aramid:‘a...

Strength, Lightness, and More: Exploring the Properties of Carbon Fiber

In today's world, where innovation reigns supreme, materials that push the boundaries of what's possible are constantly being developed. One such material is carbon...

Bureau555 Awarded Vizoo Scanning Hub Certification, Breaks Ground in Material Digitization Movement in Bangladesh

Bureau555, a leading digital product development servicing company for apparel operating in Bangladesh and the UK, recently hit another milestone by becoming a Vizoo...

Enhancing Recycled Post-Consumer Textiles: Innovative Technologies for Promoting Sustainable Fashion

OverviewThe fashion industry's drive for sustainability has accelerated, leading to a change in focus towards developing post-consumer textile recycling processes that are revolutionizing the...

Minimalism: a new fashion concept for simplicity, utility and elegance

Mohammad Nurul AlamFashion trends and fashion concepts are ever-changing from abstract to real life rolling up in a period in the minds of individuals...

Suedwolle Group launches the new ACTIVEYARN® collection

Like a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, ACTIVEYARN® is a collection exploring the company’s full potential and making new connectionsSuedwolle Group changes perspective by...

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Implementation Approach

Lean manufacturing was established to maximize resource utilization through waste minimization; however, lean was later formulated in response to the dynamic and challenging business...

Investigation of Bio-Polishing Effects on CPI, WPI, Stitch Length, GSM & Yarn Count of Different Types of Knit Fabrics

MD. IMRAN HOSSAIN1, A.K.M ATIQUR RAHMAN2, HAMIM ASHRAFI2, ABDULLAH AL ZIHAD2Department of Wet Process Engineering, Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College, Barishal, BangladeshIndustry...

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Welcomes Largest French Fashion Brand Kiabi as Member

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (“Trust Protocol”) is pleased to announce the membership of Kiabi. Founded in 1978 in Northern France and with 579 shops...

Solar power prices can help ease an energy crunch in Bangladesh: Bloomberg

Falling solar power prices can help ease an energy crunch in Bangladesh, where an over-dependence on fossil fuels has drained foreign-exchange reserves and jeopardized...

Textiles Need Demand Uptick 

Seshadri Ramkumar, Professor, Texas Tech University, USA Textiles sector needs demand uptick and more cargo traffic. A record attendance of 255 people representing all segments of...

BUFT Graduates Awarded Full Scholarships by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

A faculty member and several distinguished graduates from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) have been awarded full scholarships by the highly esteemed...
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