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pvh-cfdaCFDA has expanded its partnership with the PVH as part of our joint commitment to drive fashion forward – for good. Together, we are advocating for change in the American fashion industry to create a more inclusive workforce. This year, CFDA and PVH are jointly conducting research to better understand how our industry can be more diverse and equitable, with a particular focus on race and the topics of talent acquisition and retention.

“We started collaboration with PVH in 2018 intending to create pathways for a more equitable fashion industry,” CaSandra Diggs, President of the CFDA said. “Equity in our industry is more urgent now than ever, and thus CFDA is pleased to continue the collaborative research efforts with PVH. We hope that these findings will increase knowledge and evoke discussion amongst fashion companies to drive transformation in talent acquisition and development practices toward a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.”

“PVH is extremely pleased to once again partner with CFDA on this critically important work. We recognize the tremendous opportunity we have to bring greater inclusion and diversity to the fashion industry, and this work will help us identify the actions and initiative that will have the most meaningful impact,” said Lance LaVergne, PVH Corp.’s Chief Diversity Officer & SVP, Global Talent Acquisition & Associate Experience.

The goals of the work, which started in late 2019, include: helping companies quantify their culture’s strengths and opportunities for improvement; providing insight into actionable steps towards a more inclusive and diverse future; and fostering a talent pipeline for under-represented communities. This important research began many months ago; however, it was unfortunately postponed due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are now gathering insights from fashion companies, designers and students and we look forward to sharing our findings in a white paper slated to be released in the coming months. Their research, based on surveys from hundreds of stakeholders, builds upon our co-authored industry briefing Insider/Outsider and our industry-wide forum that delved into dimensions of diversity, outlining opportunities to strengthen our industry.

The CFDA and PVH are committed to holding the fashion industry accountable in our beliefs that change is necessary and that there are actions – both immediately and in the future – to effect that change. Together, we intend to continue to build a future that is better for business, better for creativity and better for people.