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“More challenging time ahead for the RMG sector in upcoming years” Salauddin Chowdhury, Chairman, Stylish Garments Ltd

With a vision to build a prominent presence in the world apparel market, the Bangladeshi Garments Manufacturer Stylish Garments has instituted all necessary organs to boost the entire manufacturing processes of the garment division of the organization, based on improved integration to achieve better synergy and a devoted focus on building and maintaining relationships with its customers, suppliers, principal and employees. Apart from its strong determination to drive the organization forward with dedication and continuous efforts to make a sustainable growth in the apparel sector of Bangladesh, they have a strong commitment to Corporate Social responsibility which is their core values as well as the source of pride as reflected in organizational management, labor and environmental practices.

salauddin-stylish-garmentSalauddin Chowdhury, Chairman, Stylish Garments Ltd, member, BGMEA. recently shared his thought about ongoing business status of our Garments Industry with Textile Focus.

Textile Focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh for 2021?

Salauddin Chowdhury: I can see more challenging time ahead for the RMG sector. The situation of Covid-19 is getting worse day by day especially in the western countries on whom we are dependent. The real harm we may see in 2021 as things are still uncertain & getting worse. On the other hand, as the world is having an unprecedented economic crisis due to Covid-19, we may have opportunities getting more orders as we mostly   do basic and cheap items. But, still challenges will be meeting up expenditures.

Textile Focus: What was your observation in 2020 during Covid 19?

Salauddin Chowdhury: It has been the toughest time for the sector in 2020.Lots of cancellation of the orders, increasing huge bank liabilities, decreasing orders etc. Still, we are running with limited capacity to survive and I can see more difficulty in the coming year. But, thanks to our honorable PM for the stimulus for which we are still surviving and also thanks to Bangladesh Bank for supporting us. Inshallah, we will get more financial and policy supports in 2021 too.

Textile Focus: How can we promote our industry in upcoming days?

Salauddin Chowdhury: As usual, we need to build more negotiation powers with the buyers for pricing, immediately starting finding new markets and new products, keeping attention to the safety and compliance issues, implementing doing ease of business soonest possible time, getting more supports from the government and Bangladesh Bank to survive and start freshly for developing the sector  further as well as the country.

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