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“China experienced 8.70% Y-o-Y rise in its imports of garments ”: GAAC


china-garmentThe General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) announced that in its imports of garments in January-August ’20, the country experienced an 8.70% Y-o – Y rise, valuing 5.44 billion dollars. This rise shows the lack of fear among Chinese consumers when it comes to clothing and monthly improvements in clothing sales. In 20 August, 4.45% more print than a month earlier was imported. Whereas Chinese garment imports are increasing, textile imports are facing harsh challenges as inventories accumulate. In the first eight-month stretch of 2020, its imports of textile yarn and cloth imports fell to $9.15 billion by 13.70%.

In January-August, cotton yarns made a significant contribution from overall textile yarn imports in the timeframe from January-August 20 but decreased by 6% annually. Imports of synthetic yarns fell to 738.23 million dollars by 17.70%. For August ’20, textile imports dropped to $488.65 million by 5.79 percent.