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China’ experienced sewing machinery exports drop in the first half of 2020


sewing-machineThe statistics show that in the period January-June 20 the country’s exports of the sewing machine decreased by 21.90% on a Y-o – Y basis. The country’s overall export revenues in the first half of 2020 for sewing machines were $934 million. Industrial machinery has contributed 446 million dollars to the total export values and significantly decreased by 26.03% in Y-o – Y terms. As regards export volumes, Chinese industrial sewing machines have dropped to 1.42 million sets by 26.41 percent. The average exportation cost per sewing machine for H1’20 was $371,66.

China exported $169 million in sewing machines in June ’20, which is 20.93 percent declining each year. But exports of the country rose by 23.14% as of May 20. In particular, the volume of exports of industrial sewing presses fell by 31,96% to 221.700 sets in June ’20, but the volume of shipment increased by 16,91% compared with May ’20. Industrial sewing machines have also declined their export value annually by 43.96% to $59.67 million. The value increased however by 4.17% on the M-o-M basis.