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China’ experienced sewing machinery exports drop


Accordingly, China’s sewing machinery exports escalated by 1.27 per cent to $2.49 billion in 2019 in the latest data from the General Customs Administration. The export of industrial sewing machines was dominated by 2019, which accounted for about 49.37% of the overall export, but a fall in y-o – y from US $1.23 billion in revenue by 4.21%.

The Asian countries continued to see growth in importing sewing machines from China. Vietnam topped the tally with US $ 373.21 million worth of sewing machines imported from China in 2019, marking 11.48 per cent growth on Y-o-Y basis. Of overall import by Vietnam, industrial sewing machines accounted for US $ 193.94 million, noting 14.38 per cent growth. India’s imports increased by m 23.17 per cent to $ 297.68 million. The share of industrial sewing machines was $ 114.58 in overall import value, which declined by 0.85 per cent on the yearly basis.

Affected by Sino-US trade war, China’s sewing machine export to USA declined by a massive 28.30 per cent to $ 109.95 million of which industrial sewing machines contributed just US $ 32.38 million, falling 12.75 per cent. On the other hand, exports to Bangladesh plunged by 1.56 per cent to $ 99.27 million.