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China garment exports rose from April this year by 13.10 percent to $7.63 billion


china-briefing-import-export-taxes-and-duties-in-chinaChina Customs Statistics (CCS) reports that the country’s garment exports rose from April this year by 13.10 percent to $7.63 billion. The month-to-month spike is symbolic of the pick-up in apparel exports as the world over retailers are slowly opening stores and seeing customers going out to shop. Nevertheless, Chinese apparel shipment ‘s accumulated value declined annually by 26.40 percent to clock revenue of $33.37 billion.

Exports of textile yarns, fibers and other products too increased on a month basis by 41.30 per cent to clock $20.65 billion in May ’20. The cumulative exports, however, increased massively on Y-o-Y basis by 79.20 per cent and values stood at $57.95 billion.

Of all textile products, textile yarns saw a fall of 58 per cent and exports of the same were valued at $3.87 billion, while the export of textile fabrics tumbled by 46.50 per cent to clock $17.05 billion in Jan.-May ’20 period.

Perhaps the huge shipment of textile products such as masks and coveralls led China to see a whopping 295.90 percent rise on the Y-o – Y basis and these textile products reached the country ‘s revenue of $38.13 billion.

While China has been growing monthly in its apparel exports and annually in textile exports, the months ahead will only say when China will be able to stabilize textile and apparel exports.