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China will remain the top apparel-sourcing goal for world’s buyers.

china-apparel-sourcingTextile & clothing industry is too much stretched in China and there are eight major categories such as garment, cotton fabrics, chemical fabrics, wool fabrics, silk fabrics, knitted fabrics, textile machinery and bestfibre. Production capabilities of all categories T&C is unparalleled in the world. According to China Textile Industry Development Report (2014/2015), textile fibre production in China exceeded 50 million tonne, accounting for 54.36 per cent of world share. As much as 64.2 per cent of the world’s chemical fibres, 64.1 per cent of synthetic fibres and 26.2 per cent of cotton were produced in China. On the other hand, apparel production in China reached 29.9 billion units in 2014, which is 10.4 per cent higher from 2013. This massive production capacity of China is showing a clear view that very likely China will remain the top apparel-sourcing goal for world’s buyers.

Total value of China’s exports of apparel and clothing accessories in the world was $147.79 billion in 2016, which was $162.35 billion in 2015 and $173.44 billion in 2014 and $165.04 billion in 2013, according to ITC (International Trace Corporation) data from World Trade Organization (WTO). This data clearly shows that Chinese apparel export was having sharp growth till 2014 and afterwards it is having sharp decline. In 2014, Chinese global apparel export was the highest ever and afterwards in two years, it has lost 14.79 per cent of its exports.



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