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Chinese luxury product demand is at a peak


chinese-luxuryChina, which makes up 20% of global luxury sales, is expected to have the highest market share in 2025. by 2025. According to Bain & Company research, in 2020 leather and jewelry products are expected to rise by 48 percent to close to $53.6 billion. The rise in demand is a result of the decrease in foreign traffic in domestic investment.

Following a lockdown by Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020, Chinese luxury items started rising in April, as buyers made domestic purchases. One of the four reasons behind this rise is the repatriation of consumption. Import duties cut, price harmonization, and tighter grey market controls helped boom the luxury markets in China, reports Bain. Strong customer mood and rising income led to luxury demand, along with government spending incentive initiatives.

According to the study, China’s millennium could be its main customer and more than 70 percent of the luxury model and lifestyle consumer on the site. Gen Z places further focus on “fashion pursuit,” and between January and October 2020, their purchasing of premium partnerships and special editions increased between 300% and 400%. In reality, digitization also pushes luxury in China. Covid-19 is rising luxury sales by approximately 150% in 2020 online platforms. The online growth of the duty-free domestic channel, including duty-free sales from the Hainan area, in which 55% of products sold online, was another unusual pattern in 2020. China also raised online luxury annually in 2020 by 23%, up from 13% in 2019, led by cosmetic goods and duty-free domestic purchases.