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Chinese underwear market on leading brands as to expect significant growth by 2022: EU estimation


20180918070447481175-1According to EU estimates, the Chinese women’s underwear industry retail compound growth of 197 billion yuan is expected to be 300 million yuan by 2022. Meanwhile, China Apparel Association data estimate the scale, thanks to steady downstream customer demand, of China’s men’s underwear market at around EUR 171 billion 300 million for 2019. Men socks, thermal clothing and household garments are the other types.

A significant number of Chinese clothing industry participants are involved, whose modes are primarily divided into the market for brands and non-brand businesses. Women’s market for underwear, men’s market and children’s market for underwear, the concentration of brand firms, and the pattern of rivalry on the markets, are distributed. For sports bra, because China’s sportswear brand’s market share is very concentrated, the top five sports brands have a fairly stable market position, which poses a major challenge to the growth of personal apparel brands to sports bra.

According to the EU estimates, China’s underwear market share of top 5 brands in 2018 was just 6.6%, while Japan’s, US, and UK market concentration was 56%, 47% and 22%, respectively. In comparison, the concentration of China’s top five underwear brands is much smaller than in Japan, the USA, and the United Kingdom, which makes it possible to focus their market share in the Chinese underwear market on leading brands.