CHT has seen a spike in demand for formaldehyde-free binders

chtCHT the specialty textile chemicals supplier has seen a spike in demand for formaldehyde-free binders used in textile finishing and pigment dyeing – despite some initial doubts about the effectiveness of these types of formulations. The ultimate goal of this ongoing work is to completely substitute critical substances and to develop future-oriented alternatives even if the industry has not yet the demand for such solutions. Chemical firms are now moving towards a greener approach to textile finishing.

Formaldehyde-based finishes, as is the case with many chemicals used in the textile supply chain, have come under greater regulatory scrutiny. Many customers expected that the formaldehyde-free technology would lead to higher costs and adjustments in production processes. Nevertheless, in 2018 the team of CHT Germany was able to sell more than 500 tons of formaldehyde-free binders in Germany alone.

CHT, based in Germany, has set the goal to become the preferred partner for sustainable specialty chemicals all over the world. In all of its business fields its product ranges are now being increasingly substituted by future-oriented, more sustainable products. In order to future-proof its operations, CHT has also been developing alternatives to a variety of traditional textile chemicals which not only meet but exceed new and existing legal regulations.