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Clean Clothes Campaign launched the ‘Pay your Workers’ campaign


unnamedAccording to Clean Clothes Campaign Network news, a campaign has been launched that calls on brands to take responsibility for textile staff and make sure their job is paid for. The Clean Clothes Movement encouraged textile producers and retailers to dedicate themselves to pay assurance: public participation that workers in its manufacturing chains be paying as due and talks should be pursued to set up a fund to discourage workers from being left unpaid without their legal severance. The initiative for the wages of your employees, based on H&M, Primark, and Nike, was introduced – three companies most widely mentioned in workers’ accounts of violations of employee’s rights in the pandemic.

This campaign reflects on some of the world’s richest supply chains. For decades these brands have profited from poverty wages and outsourced liability without committing to any sort of social welfare in countries that produce clothes. The campaign aims at retrieving funds for employees by persuading brands to take care of those who made massive profits possible by underpaid labor.