Coats Opens New Gotex Plant as Centre of Excellence for Telecom Infrastructure

Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, has opened a new Centre of Excellence plant for Telecom Infrastructure. Gotex has been part of the multinational Coats Group since June 2016. Gotex is today, a leading global manufacturer in Telecom Infrastructure, Energy and Composites.

The new Gotex plant ranks first in the manufacture of products for the telecommunications industry within the Coats Group at a global level. It also has an R&D department specialised in the development and innovation of new products for both the telecommunications sector and the oil/gas industry.

Coats-Gotex moved from Sabadell to Lliçà, Barcelona to create a larger space that would allow them to grow over the coming years. The new plant is built on 13.000m2 and is almost three times bigger than the previous Gotex warehouse in Sabadell. Coats has invested around 5 million euros into this project.

Gotex is the HUB for the Telecom, Energy and Composites market worldwide, operating with a workforce of around 130 people and plan to grow further in the coming years. Export sales represent 90% of total annual sales.

Rajiv Sharma, Coats Group Chief Executive, said: ‘A key part of our company purpose is to make a better and more sustainable world. Coats has an ambition to reduce emission by 50% in this decade and reach Net-Zero emissions by 2050. One example of our sustainability initiatives at the new Gotex plant is to support the production of a new coated fibreglass yarn that uses less chemicals and energy consumption in its process, in addition the fibreglass waste can be sold as a secondary raw material for other applications. We will continue to invest in our sustainability strategy and have earmarked $10m to fund the scaling up of green technologies and materials that are relevant to our industry supply chain.’