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“Commitment to timely delivery is our strength for attracting more orders”- Ahammed Ali Musulli Babu, Director of Blue Planet group


Blue Planet Group is a large business conglomerate in Bangladesh that has ventures in multiple industries. In 2009 they launched Blue Planet Knitwear (BPKW) with the aim to meet global demand for world-class textile manufacturers. With this dream, they created a management team of leading textile industry experts with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Blue Planet Group has a composite garment manufacturing facility comprising of Spinning (Badar Spinning Mills Ltd.), Knitting, Printing, Embroidery, and Packing in a single place. This enables to provide fast and timely delivery of orders. Blue Planet Fashionwear, a modern green sustainable lingerie manufacturer is the first company of its kind in Bangladesh to manufacturing world-class lingerie products following state-of-the-art green manufacturing processes using the most modern machinery.


Ahammed Ali Musulli Babu, Director of Blue Planet group, dynamic business personnel in the textile industry recently talked with Team Textile Focus and shared his thought about the overall industry in between pandemic situations. Key points of the conversation mentioned below for our readers. 

Textile Focus: What is your before, during, and after COVID experience in regards to the business point?

Ahammed Ali Musulli: Our business was in good shape before COVID and we had more orders from Nov- Mar 2020. Due to COVID situation, our orders had been held up. Maximum garments industries were in the same condition. Big group of companies also faced such an incident I think. We are not following the right calculation for manufacturing cost. We are slightly experiencing a negative trend in our garments industry. During this pandemic situation, those company is on the boom whose buyers are selling more online.  Bangladesh has lots of orders right now. China-US Economic war and due to being the center of coronavirus, china is being avoided in terms of business. Orders are coming to Bangladesh. If we can have just 1% order from china, we will be in order overflow conditions. This is the point where we can hope for better business conditions. Despite the hike in yarn price, we are getting orders. This is a good sign. Our main strength- commitment to timely delivery, is helping significantly with this achievement.

Textile Focus: How are you expecting orders in the upcoming 5 years?

Ahammed Ali Musulli: I hope the upcoming 5 years will be good for business.  To keep the orders stable we have to take some steps. We have to focus on fancy items by getting out of cotton-based products. We need more Polyester, polyamide fabric manufacturing plants in our country. I am happy to say that, we are producing such fabrics. We already introduced the latest technology of such manmade fabric production. This recent technology includes blind dying, automatic water, power consumption calculation. We are proud that starting our journey in 2012, within a very short period we have expanded our production by adopting such recent technology.

Textile Focus: what about your spinning sectors?

Ahammed Ali Musulli: We are running our spinning sectors with great volume. We are also exporting yarn after meeting local requirements.

Textile Focus: How can we add value to our industry?

Ahammed Ali Musulli:

  • We have to welcome new technology and adapt to it.
  • We must understand that we can reduce manpower by developing processes.
  • We must focus on digital marketing.