Competence as a complete system provider

India ITME 1st event was executed in 1980 in Mumbai, India. Now this event has become backbone of Textile and textile engineering industry in India. India ITME has grown leaps and bounds to be one of the largest in this sector internationally. India ITME event is held once in every 4 years & has now completed 35 years of existence with highly successful Nine Exhibitions in India. This session India ITME will be held on December 3-8, 2016 at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai. World renowned companies will show case their latest innovative products at the exhibition. Textile Focus technical team will cover the technoplogical advancement of the companies companywise.

The company Graf, located in Rapperswil near Zurich, is the leading manufacturer of clothing’s for flat cards, roller cards and combs for combing machines. As a complete system provider, Graf offers a comprehensive package from the product and technical advice through to service and service equipment. Graf will introduce several innovative solutions at ITME in Mumbai.

Flexible clothing’s are one of the key components in a carding machine. To ensure an evenly high quality of the carding sliver, they have to be replaced regularly. When the personnel are doing the replacement, the carding machine has to be stopped. To keep these down-times as short as possible, Graf now offers a new flat system, which can reduce the stoppage time by 70%. The so-called EasyTop is used for flat clothing’s with magnetic adhesion technology. The flats, equipped with a metal carrier, are attached securely and precisely by a high energy magnet. They resist even high carding forces and guarantee for a high reliability in operation. The replacing of the flat tops is very simple: They can be removed and reattached manually. There is no requirement for additional special tools. After placing the EasyTop on the flat bar, the high energy magnets automatically assure the correct positioning. The flat bars are mounted on the carding machine, which can continue the production immediately after setting. The reduced stoppage increases the cost-effectiveness. The flat tops do not have to be equalized in a flat workshop, which reduces the costs even further. The EasyTop system can be used for flat bars with magnetic attachment from all manufacturers. The flat tops are currently available for working widths of 40“and 51” (60” in progress) and in the well-known setting patterns for all major applications.

Graf presents its new product for the combing process. The exchangeable combing segments are suitable for all combs requiring this technology. The quick and safe installation with the innovative, self-locking fastening system guarantees an absolutely firm seat without wearing out and the constant tightening force on all points of attachment respectively prevents the deformation by prevailing centrifugal forces.

Individual segments can be exchanged resulting in improved economy efficiency. The metallic wires used for the production of the segments undergo the proven and tested surface treatment – developed by Graf, leading to optimal running-in properties and long service life.

Textile Focus Technical Team