Compliance has been one of the biggest strengths of Abloom Design Ltd.

Knit Garment Factory

Abloom Design LTD as a 100% Export Oriented Knit Garment Factory, has been in this industry, for the past 16 years. In 2005 my father and my uncles started this organization with 50 sewing machines or so. Now among the factory itself and its sister concern NRR Fashion we have 18 sewing lines, with a capacity of producing 45000 pcs/ day and 11,70,000 pcs/ month. Along with having a 40,000 pcs per day manual printing facility, the factory has in-house machine printing capabilities. Abloom Design LTD’s dyeing unit has 20 tons of knit dyeing capacity per day. It brought in machines from all over the world for this project. All of these departments will help to better satisfy its clients and make a wider array of products available for them.

Compliance has been one of the biggest strengths of the company from the start. This year the company got the award of “Best Supplier for Compliance” from its biggest client Auchan Retail. It received a recognition letter from RSC for completing 100% of the initial findings of ACCORD. The employees and workers have contributed the most throughout the years, keeping quality as their first propriety. Abloom Design LTD and Auchan Retail partnered with Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS) and made the Universal Healthcare program available for our workers. Through this they are provided free HealthCare inside the factory and all of the hospitals under BADAS’s belt. Moreover, on top of that, the factory has Oekotex-100, BSCI, OCS, and BCI certifications to name a few.

The company has been focusing on quality in products from the very beginning. Customer Satisfaction can only come, by ensuring quality, being transparent and delivering on time. The company still plans to follow this formula throughout; it has been working for Abloom so far.

Naimul Hassan Naim, Marketing Director, Abloom Design Ltd.
Naimul Hassan Naim, Marketing Director, Abloom Design Ltd.

According to Naimul Hassan Naim, Marketing Director, Abloom Design Ltd., “Our Apparel industry has been going through various changes in recent days. Although, this is true for any industry, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Challenges surrounded us from the very beginning, keeping our factory closed and at the same time providing for our workers was difficult back then. Currently, with the help of our government and everyone’s support, I am glad to see almost all the factories holding up well, now that we are almost at the end of the tunnel. On the bright side, with the grace of Almighty Allah, almost none of the workers from the industry were infected.

Bangladesh has scored very high in recent days, for being ethical. It is the industry with the largest number of LEED Certified green factories. Many factories have invested millions of dollars throughout the years, to ensure optimal working conditions, safety and proper healthcare for workers. I think apparel buyers from all over the world, now look at Bangladesh as a destination they can trust, for all their sourcing needs. The industry has gotten over its dark days and evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. “

He also mentioned that Factories around us innovate, developing and co-creating products with buyers. A sight that was very rare previously. Demand patterns are changing and the industry is changing with it. The global shopper wants more sustainable, eco-friendly and value-added products. We can see many factories and their R&D departments, trying hard and soul, in order to make those items more readily available and offer those to customers. Recently, Bangladesh Youth Leaders Association (BAYLA) was created to bring together all the youth leaders of the industry. The group is working to make Bangladesh’s industry and apparel ecosystem more sustainable and innovative than it already is. I am glad that Almighty has granted this position to our industry. At the same time, very hopeful about the innovation, our industries’ bright, passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs will bring in the future.