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Conductive Textiles Industry: Innovation in the textile industry and Increase in Physical Fitness Activities to Improve Growth

Transparency Market Research

Conductive textiles provide numerous benefits and are used in many industrial sectors, mainly in the form of materials needed for manufacturing various products. There are several benefits of using conductive textiles, especially associated with the rise in utilization of electronics in numerous fields. These benefits revolve around the fact that these textiles have a lot of diverse utility as a result of their simple structure.

With coming-of-the-age technological advancements, conductive textiles are experiencing significant innovation and development, observes Transparency Market Research in a recent report.

Innovation in the textile industry is mostly due to less competition existing around the world. Thus, most business who are currently existing in this industry are expected to continue to exert their dominance. Few leading competitors in the market are Toray Industries, Parker Chomerics, Bekaert Inc., and Seiren Co. Ltd. There is a high chance that these companies would remain dominant in the conductive textiles sector. As interesting innovations could be developed, steady demand for applications of these textiles through the competitors mentioned above is expected. If this remains true, the global conductive textiles market could show a significant rise in its valuation in the near future. Rather, as per Transparency Market Research, the global conductive textiles industry had a value of more than US$1.7 bn in 2017, which is further expected to rise up to US$2.1 bn by 2022.

North America to Retain Its Lead in the Industry

From a geographical perspective, North America has shown a good opportunity for rise in the conductive textiles market in the recent years. The region is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2022. The value of conductive textiles has been forecasted to rise from US$340.3 mn to US$445 mn from 2017-2022. After North America, the European region is being touted to retain the second spot regarding the demand for conductive textiles industry over the forecast period. In this region, the market could exhibit a revenue opportunity of nearly US$ 340.6 mn by 2022. Military and defense sector is the leading segment of conductive textiles market, especially as electronic sensors are extensively used in modern military outfits.

Fitness and Military Segments as Prime Reasons for Rising Demand of Textiles

An upsurge in the fitness apparel industry is a significant factor for the rise in the conductive textiles market. Biomarker clothing is the newest variety of conductive textile worn for physical fitness activities. Although the market is currently in its nascent stage, the textiles are mostly utilized in urban regions. Such clothing can be used to detect and monitor heartbeats and body temperature, amongst several other biometric factors. As monitoring of these factors is a prime focus for those who are into fitness activities, there has been a rise in the production of specialized clothing fitted with sensors. Thus, the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts is a prime driver for the growth of the conductive textile industry.

Another reason that is responsible for rising demand of the global textiles market is the increased usage of such textiles in the military and defense sector. As electronic sensors are being used in military outfits, conductive textiles is a prime component in this context. Using such outfits can provide an operational advantage to military personnel by improving ease in movement in field operations. Thus, improved technological usage for military applications can certainly improve the work capabilities of military personnel.

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