Coronavirus pandemic led to massive job furlough for women in Garments industry in Bangladesh: WTO

factory-superjumboIn the readymade garment industry in Bangladesh, the coronavirus pandemic led to massive job losses for women in particular, according to an informational note from the WTO. In Bangladesh, over a thousand apparel employees have been fired or furloughed due to potential cancelations and customer refusals to pay for current orders, reports recent inquiries, emphasize the WTO, which has decreased by 45.8 percent for orders received by apparel fabricators in Bangladesh during the first quarter of 2020.

A boxed item in the Information Notes titled “The effect of COVID-19 on the ready-made textile industry in Bangladesh” suggested that jobs had been affected markedly by a contraction in demand and order cancelations. In April alone, there was a contraction of about 81%.

Moreover, in the news note entitled ‘COVID-19 economic impacts on women in vulnerable industries and economies’ several garment fabricating units in countries such as VietNam, Bangladesh and Cambodia had to shut down operations following cancellations of orders and the temporary closure of retail shops, causing significant job losses.