Cotton USA celebrates Cotton Day 2022 at Dhaka

Cotton Council International (CCI), the National Cotton Council’s export promotion arm that promotes U.S. cotton in more than 50 countries under its COTTON USA™ trademark, oversaw activities that showcased U.S. cotton’s quality, sustainability, transparency, premium value, and innovation. CCI started observing Cotton Day in 2016 to accelerate the positive aspects of cotton as the preferred fiber for consumers and the textile industry. This year Cotton USA celebrates the 7th edition of Cotton Day on 21st September 2022 in Dhaka. CCI has 60 years of experience promoting U.S. cotton fiber and products to trade and consumers. CCI works with spinning mills, fabric and garment manufacturers, brands, retailers, textile associations, governments and the USDA to facilitate the use of U.S. cotton. Bangladesh has been a very potential market for US Cotton. They organize different seminars and symposiums to showcase their recent development and technical knowledge sharing.

At the grand event, there were different presentation session topics including CCI & USCTP updates, USA Cotton Supply and Demand and US Logistics, bestselling trends for the mainstream market, COTTON USA solutions case study on proven benefits of US Cotton along with remarks by US Deputy Chief of Mission.

The event started with a welcome note from Mr. Ali Arsalan, Consultant and Country Representative (Bangladesh) of Cotton Council International (CCI). Mr. Arsalan thanked all the millers of different mills and reminded all the Cotton USA Licensees and US Trust Protocol Members that the Cotton USA Solutions Team is available to visit factories for any issues at their mills – from Bale Management to Processing. He also mentioned, “As the US Cotton Trust Protocol continues to add leading brands and retailers, and existing members scale up, we look forward to the continued ‘demand pull’ of US Cotton via the program”. “We are also excited to support our members via the complimentary Cotton USA Solutions program to ensure that they achieve maximum profitability and efficiency using US cotton,” he added.

William R. Bettendorf, Regional Director, Supply Chain Marketing (South & Southeast Asia), CCI said that they are thankful for the support of the Bangladeshi customers who have embraced the US Cotton Trust Protocol. At present 81 local Bangladeshi mills and manufacturers are US Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP) members and the number is more than 900 globally. He mentioned, “Bangladesh is one of the best markets for us, that’s why we are here. I think the future of Bangladesh textiles is very prospective. It has become much more sophisticated than in the past. The mills are now in a profitable situation so they will invest more in better technology and systems to compete with global standards, I believe.”

US Deputy Chief of Mission Helen LaFave was present at the event. She said that the $90 million grant for Climate Smart Cotton to the US Cotton Trust Protocol demonstrates the United States’ commitment to sustainable cotton production.

According to the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), the country is currently consuming approximately 8.5 million bales of raw cotton annually. Domestically produced cotton accounts for less than 2% of total cotton consumption and the total cotton cultivation in Bangladesh covers only 0.55% of the country’s 8.1 million hectares of arable land. Moreover, Bangladesh is projected to consume total domestic raw cotton of 9.31 million bales in the 2022-23 marketing year (MY), up 5.6% over MY2021-2022 from the current consumption of 8.5 million bales, according to the latest report published by the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

At the event CCI experts and representatives presented different presentations:

Carl Peltzer, Cargill Cotton Ltd, UK had a session on “World Cotton Supply & Demand.”
Steve Dyer, Global Head of Cotton Marketing at Louis Dreyfus had a session on “U.S. Cotton Supply & Demand and U.S. Logistics”.
Jane Singer, Managing Director, of Inside Fashion has a virtual presentation on “Bestselling Trend for the mainstream Market.”
Joerg Bauersachs, Head of COTTON USA SOLUTIONS team presented COTTON USA Solutions Case Study on the proven benefits of US Cotton.

Around 200 participants including spinning and textile mill owners, executives, garment manufacturers, and international brands and retailers were present. The audience appreciated COTTON USA for celebrating Cotton Day every year. COTTON USA team looks forward to hearing more from Bangladeshi millers for any queries and feedback.