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Covid-19: Feedback from Backward Linkage supporter


a-h-md-rezanur-sohel-managing-director-es-trims-ltdH Md. Rezanur Sohel , Managing Director ,eS Trims Ltd

According to BGAPMEA , Bangladeshi garment accessories and packaging manufacturers fear losses  worth Tk1,500 crore if coronavirus impact prolongs for six months as in that case it will create shortage of raw materials for the sector hindering production.

Being a backward linkage of RMG industry, we are parallel impacted. Lots hold orders, delay of approval, price hike in raw materials, are terribly impacted. Also facing cash flow strain, RMG factories are very much reluctant to pay our dues on time. That is also a big issue for us. All together we are not in good shape in this current scenario. As a backward linkage maker we need equal facilities proposed for RMG sector for survival business.