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Covid-19 Feedback from technology provider- Mahamudul Hasan Sarkar, Director, Puma Machineries & Accessories


mahmudul-hassanDue to the pandemic situation, supply chain disruptions have made machine tool manufacturers, and other industries realize the over-reliance on China could be destructive. Due to the lockdown or limited production, Bangladesh and other countries were looking for other supply option. Due to the demand, large suppliers of components that dominate the market prioritized big companies to SMEs at the time of recovery. Also, the recent disruptions in the supply chain have revealed that machine tool manufacturers also need to think diversified.

Mahamudul Hasan Sarkar, Director, Puma Machineries & Accessories

Overall business is good. Due to covid everything is slow and lot of order holds. crisis moments create many new opportunities especially many factories going expansion & new vertical set up factory establishing in Bangladesh. But the problem is when starting the 2nd wave of pandemic Govt announced lockdown so that all the expansions & machinery orders get canceled or hold. We expect after Eid everything will be fine if Govt withdraw strict lock down. So much time is wasted but not a good result.