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Covid-19 pushed Manufacturers to design new product lines like personal protective equipment (PPE)


ppe-2017-basicgown-webMultiple fashion and materials manufacturers have launched new product lines designed for customers and medical professionals to produce personal protective equipment (PPE). French interliners manufacturer Chargeurs announced a new company, Lainière Santé, to produce a full line of PPE products. According to the company, these items will be manufactured internationally including in the United States and will be available on Amazon in weeks.

The 148-year-old French corporation produces 10 million face masks every week and also manufactures scrubs, advanced textiles, intelligent garments, protective gloves and bactericidal films. According to the firm, it has altered a “important portion” of its textile production towards PPE manufacture and is the largest supplier of such products to the French government.

Schiesser and Eminence, another company for the French government, Charities, local fire services, police forces and hospital staff manufacturing 400,000 masks a month, have recently reworked a number of factories to manufacture such reusable, machine-washable face masks.

Another multinational branded and private label garment maker, Delta Galil also plans to produce PPE products for the medical community. The company, along with the Schiesser subsidiary of Delta European Brands, will manufacture more than 1.5 million masks for European governments and emergency personnel. More than 1 million of these masks will be produced by Schiesser for distribution among the Czech and Slovak governments, as well as a German PPE.