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Covid-19: safety initiatives by Asrotex Group


Industry Correspondent: One of the largest knit composite manufacturing units, Asrotex Group has been taking remarkable safety initiatives to ensure all employees health and safety in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Abrar Alam Khan, Director (Operations),Asrotex Group, said, We believe that while the show of livelihoods will be on, utmost precautions should be taken to save every life from Covid-19 infection. In this regard Asrotex group and its sister concerns unit continuing its operations maintaining strict health and safety protocols under the close monitoring our honorable Managing Director Asadul Islam and guideline by WHO, BGMEA.


The company is maintaining the social distancing safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). At its Head office, sewing, dyeing cutting, finishing, packing, the factory is ensuring possible social distancing among the workers.

Covid- 19 Precaution by Asrotex Group:

A well-trained dedicated team (Covid-19 Task Force) including industrial engineers to ensure overall health and safety activities across the campus.

Hand Sanitization points at frequent intervals for all employee to use frequently

Varied timings of entry/ exit for each section

Visual display to avoid confusion at the entry point with regard to the sequence of entry

Employees maintaining proper social distancing while entering to the factory

Every Employee wearing face masks while entering the factory

Checking temperature of each person at the entry

Employees washing their hand before going to their workstations

Visual displays across the pathways and frequent announcement from HR room to provide health and safety awareness.


Future Initiatives for Health Safety and Well Being

Developing health database for all employees

As a part of factory CSR , They will upgrade their hygiene situation through inspection, management, and support

The local chairman and members will be involved in the program so that they take care of their people with financial support from the factory

We will introduce the grocery items for the workers who can buy those at market price. This will help them reduce their burden of going to kitchen market where they might get affected by the virus

This program will be undertaken after factory operates at its full capacity

Team also will get in touch with the Civil Surgeon office to know if there is any program on the part of the government for testing of people by large numbers