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“Having all this Covid crisis, business stress and disappointments in mind, we are optimist to return on our 50 billion target.” Akbor Haider Munna, Deputy Managing Director, Youth Group


Akbor Haider Munna, Deputy Managing Director, Youth Group, a visionary young industry leader recent shared his view about textile and apparel industry in 2021 with Team Textile Focus.

dmd-youthTextile focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh for 2021?

Akbor Haider Munna: As far as the major export item of Bangladesh, the readymade garments (RMG), is concerned, in the financial year 2019-2020, the earnings from RMG exports declined by 18.12% from the previous year. While Bangladesh has been struggling to cope up with the disastrous situation, its major competitors, like Vietnam, are in a better position to combat the crisis. Though the recovery against the second wave as well unknown types of COVID strikes the exports destinations heavily just in a further hit back in whilst the Vaccine arriving in the world what even keep us swinging. So it is very vulnerable to project to roll back on our projected $50 billion dream figure. But having all this stress and disappointments we are optimist to return on target.

Textile focus:  What was your observation in 2020 during COVID-19?

Akbor Haider Munna: The Govt had an incredible role what it played with immediate effect but unfortunately the virus didn’t left us as we projected. So GOVT must have to be very quick in making industries alive making some financial schemes.

Textile focus:  How we can promote our industry in upcoming days?

Akbor Haider Munna:  Now a day’s world adopted a NEW Normal life what is facing the communication and customer crisis era. So evade the situation in mind we must have to take digitalization and more IT base businesses ahead to GLOBE. As well we have to curtail cost in doing business. The lack of export diversification remains a daunting challenge in Bangladesh RMG sectors.