Crony Group joins hands with Textile Focus for promoting industry best practices

Desk Report: Bangladesh based one of the leading Knit Composite manufacturing  company Crony Group joined hands together with Textile Focus as Industry Associates partner for promoting industry best practices globally.

The signing and crest memento handover ceremony was held yesterday at the corporate office of Crony Group in the capital.

In this signing and crest memento handover ceremony, Neela Hosna Ara, Chairman of Crony Group and Director, BGMEA; Nafian Intasar  and Nawshin Nawal Directors of Crony Group; Asst Manager of Textile Focus and Denim Focus Rakibul Islam were present. Being a part of this, Textile Focus Industry Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, communication and promote their factory good practices.

Chairman of Crony Group Neela Hosna Ara, appreciated the activities of Textile Focus and Denim Focus and he mentioned: “I really appreciate the activities of Textile Focus and Denim Focus. They are promoting positive news and best practices through their magazines and activities which is a remarkable involvement for branding Bangladesh worldwide”.

Since 1994, Neela Hosna Ara has been successfully leading the Crony Group with her vision and leadership skills. Neela Hosna Ara stated her gratitude to all the board members of BGMEA including President Faruque Hassan.

Neela Hosna Ara, is an illustrious lady entrepreneur in Bangladesh and an expert in the field of business. She focuses greatly on Crony Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), gender equality and women’s health and hygiene issues in all our businesses.

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EVANTI a lifestyle fashion brand and online shop, sister concern of Crony Group 

According to the company, From the very beginning of our journey, our founders, AH Aslam Sunny and Neela Hosna Ara, focused on achieving the highest production efficiency and quality possible. This focus still remains prominent in all our businesses with great prosperity.

Photo: Crony Group manufacturing unit at Narayanganj in Bangladesh

Their visionary leadership has allowed the establishment of our major subsidiaries, Abanti Colour Tex Ltd, Crony Tex Sweater Ltd, S.S Cotton Fabrics Ltd, Crony Apparels Ltd and Crony Embroidery & Printing Ltd. Local brand Evanti Ultimately becoming a distinguished vendor for some of the most renowned apparel brands in Europe and North America. Crony Group continues to experience substantial growth with plans to diversify as a conglomerate into more industries in the future.