”Cultural fest TexRobust has been celebrated by the students of Department of Textile Engineering, Aust”

Fig 1: TexRobust, a cultural fest organized by AUST Textile Society

Regular studies can be monotonous for students. Recreation is a must to gear up the minds. A little bit of recreation can increase the attention and energy to study more, that’s why the students of the Textile Engineering Department arranged a festival named ‘TexRobust’ by Aust Textile Society on 29th June, IEB Auditorium. 

The Chief Guest of this festival was Prof.Dr. Muhammad Fazli Ilahi, Vice-Chancellor Aust, The guest of honors were Tariq Ul Islam, Advisor, Imperial Allied Chemicals Ltd, and Chairman of the Program Prof.Dr. Lal Mohan Baral, Head of TE, Mr.Md Koushic Uddin, Treasurer, Aust Textile Society, Badhan Chandra Mazumder, Vice President, Aust Textile Society, and Nairita Khan Oishi, General Secretary, Aust Textile Society. 

Fig 2: Imperial Allied Chemicals Ltd was the core sponsor of the cultural fest TexRobust

Imperial Allied Chemicals Ltd was the core sponsor along with DBL Group in this festival. Special guests and the teachers of the textile department were present there. Guest of Honor, Tariq Ul Islam, Advisor of Imperial Allied Chemicals Ltd has motivated the students about a future career in textile industries and how students prepared themselves to be industry leaders. Prof.Dr. Lal Mohan Baral said in his speech ”To give the students more opportunity for extracurricular and co-curricular activists to develop their mental health stable and make them expert and familiar with technical skills”.

During this festival, The AUST Textile Society bid farewell to Batch 36, the outgoing batch, and welcome batch 43 into the society. The reception crest was given to all the fresher students to make the day remarkable. 

All the students got magazines as souvenirs and T-shirts.

Students of all batches participated in different performances including songs, dances, dramas, and ramp shows. All the performances were very energetic and creative as well. Students enjoyed the festival a lot. Overall the evening was very much enjoyable for all the students.