Custom Clothing Designer Nigel Curtiss Joins Forces With Monica Mitro To Expand Into Ready-to-wear With New Store In New York City


nigelAn innovator and creator in custom clothing, Nigel Curtiss has joined forces with his wife, Monica Mitro, former  Executive Vice President of Brand Communications and Events at Victoria’s Secret, to expand into ready-to-wear with luxury wardrobe essentials online and in-store. With his unparalleled resume and experience in fabrics and artisanal design and her fashion royalty status in global brand marketing and communications, NIGEL CURTISS 2.0 is born. British Designer Nigel Curtiss has built an enviable reputation both within and beyond the fashion industry. Rooted in custom design and sustainable luxury for nearly 30 years, the NIGEL CURTISS brand is expanding into ready-to-wear fashion for women and men. The label covers everything from formal tailored pieces and custom suits to the perfect white shirt, luxury loungewear, cashmere sweaters and tracksuits, silk and cotton pajamas, boxer shorts, denim and leather accessories.

In Mitro’s role as Chief Executive Officer of NIGEL CURTISS, she will lead the company in brand creative, ecommerce, marketing and communications.  Mitro says of the purpose for this launch, “People want clothes that feel as if they were made just for them – from the fit to the fabric and the style. Whether you’re buying ready-to-wear or tailoring for a special occasion, choosing clothing should feel like a personal conversation between the customer and the brand, and that’s what we are excited to deliver with NIGEL CURTISS.”

This launch is a labor of love for both Curtiss and Mitro, who have enlisted their longstanding fashion friends and family to help realize their vision. Daughter and model Aiden Curtiss and boyfriend, Felix Prabitz are the faces of the campaign, which was shot by a family of photographers, the legendary Sante D’Orazio, his partner Enga Purevjav and his son Nick D’Orazio. All of the fabrics used in the new launch capsule are sourced from family-run and owned factories that have been part of Curtiss’s signature tailored designs for decades. It is his commitment to organic and ethically supplied materials and sustainable models for luxury fashion that drives Curtiss in this new iteration of his career as a designer.

The NIGEL CURTISS on-demand sustainable business model cuts out waste and allows clients to customize their pieces to better suit themselves and their lifestyles. With the new ready-to-wear collection, the brand remains committed to the idea of designing curated, limited edition collections of elegant, highly wearable and timeless garments for women and men. Curtiss and Mitro believe that this sustainable approach to luxury, with zero compromise in quality, is the future of fashion.

“I want to make small quantities of the very best clothes. I want everything that is made to be worn and loved and kept and passed on to the next generation. This is not fast fashion; it’s arduous, passionate and beloved fashion,” says Nigel Curtiss.