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Cute Dress Industry signed with Reverse Resources


Desk Report: One of the sustainable apparel manufacturer company Cute Dress Industry Ltd successfully signed with Reverse Resources Network Membership, an international initiative on resource circularity project.


Cute dress has developed a sustainable process in the entire production unit to recycle water and save valuable groundwater. It’s a sustainable initiative, as we green factory we always maintaining three pillars of sustainability. We are happy to be part of this program and it is aligned with UN SDG Goal No.  12, said, Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director of Cute Dress Industry Ltd. – a sustainable circular knitwear manufacturing industry in Bangladesh.

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Reverse Resources is a tracking and trading platform for textile waste, providing 360-degree transparency of the waste flows. It’s like an Uber of textile waste. Recycling textiles into fashion products is no more a technical challenge. It’s a problem of blocked access to waste, incomplete waste data and inflated prices caused by the current waste handling and trading practices.