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Decathlon Revenue Increased 9% In 2019


decathlonDecathlon finished 2019 with a nine per cent increase in sales. Decathlon’s sales rose three per cent in France, its largest market. After sealing its entrance into markets like the United States, Algeria, Vietnam, Malta, Japan, South Korea and Ukraine, the French sporting goods retailer is present in 69 countries worldwide, nine more than a year ago. Employee numbers have risen from 87,000 to 93,000. Decathlon invested in openings for the store and corporate operations. Decathlon is also striving towards using just one per cent air freight for its transportation needs and reducing the impact of other means of transport, such as through maritime or road.

The goal for the retailer of sportswear and products is to minimize carbon dioxide emissions per product sold by 40% across all its sports categories between 2016 and 2026. Decathlon aims to meet these targets through a variety of sustainability approaches, including using 100% renewable energy in its stores–including 45 in the United Kingdom–and warehouses by 2026. Furthermore, by 2021 100 percent of Decathlon’s new items will be eco-designed and the company will also explore the growth of the selling of second-hand goods in the shop.