Dekko and Agami Accessories set up Library-Learning for Better Tomorrow


Staff Correspondent

Dekko Accessories Ltd. is the world’s first LEED PLATINUM Certified Green garments accessories manufacturing factory. Another sister concern is Agami Accessories ltd, which is also a LEED PLATINUM certified metal garments trims & accessories manufacturing factory in Bangladesh.  

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable—to its stakeholders, people and the entire society. By practicing corporate social responsibility, Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd have taken an exemplary initiative to set up a Library for their employees, workers and their family at the factory premises. It’s a new innovation, as it introduces a socially beneficial initiative for backward linkage factories. The library is named as “Knowledge Factory”.

The whole library concept has come from Mohammad Abdur Rouf, Executive Director, Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd. He believes in undertaking various initiatives for bringing resourceful changes and sustainability not only in business but also largely for the society through inclusive projects. Mr. Rouf’s sole intention to start this library is to benefit the society. The investment is for the staff, workers and their children to gain motivation and change their mindset by reading books.

Dekko Accesories

The Library has a number of publications around 1600 books, with a range of category, such as motivational books, self-development, historical, literature, biography, novels,   classics, science fiction, thrillers, etc. The library has also got a corner entirely filled with for kids’ & teenagers. The membership is completely free for anyone working in Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd. After inauguration, 250 members are enrolled with a free library card and are regularly borrowing books from the library with a regulation of returning in 7 days.


Besides, many training and skill development programs are being conducted for art, crafting, handwriting practice for children .After the sessions, children are awarded as per their performance. The book exchange time is 8 am to 6 pm and book reading time 1pm -2pm at factory premises. The library has one assistant to keep records, receivables and supervising books. The management has a plan to increase library space and increase the categories, titles and variety of books from time to time.

‘’In recent times, everybody focuses on smart devices and in turn suffering from several mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, inferiority from a very young age. Sometimes, they are misusing the technology as well. I think books can change people’s mindset and will take them out of the screen time for a while. These initiatives will help our workforces and their children/future generation to have a growth mindset, strong visionary skills and better mental health’’ said Mohammad Abdur Rouf, Executive Director, Dekko and Agami Accessories.

This investment is not for the purpose of business profit. It is rather for shifting a portion of society’s mindset for reading books regularly.  From the very beginning, we had a plan for building our factory as an environmentally-friendly one. Our Honourable Chairman, Mr. Shahadat Hossain (Kiron) is an ardent reader of various categories of books and a very particular and quality-aware person. He always welcomes this kind of initiatives as he is also a firm believer of positive change, innovation and sustainability for people and society. Mr. Rouf added.

untitledMr. Rouf urged that workers’ children are our new generation and developing the habit of reading books is essential to shape their future. “People can learn history and culture, know about themselves and others as well as enrich others (knowledge) to create a sustainable education in the society. This is a long term vision.’’

Our Future plan is to set up libraries for other SBUs of our organization. Besides, if any backward linkage factories plan to set up a reading zone/library, Mr. Rouf will cordially support them with guidelines.  Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd will be glad if any brands/organization can support us with a range of books or digital set up, it is bigger and more enriched for societal development at least to some extent.