Denim Art An idea from Denim re-creation

Israfil Alam Rana

Head of R&D, Testing Lab, Chittagong Denim Mills Limited

What you want to do with denim? Want to wear? Want to sell? Or want to do some fun with this? Everything is possible because of its verities uses and looks. Recycle a denim jeans is now so popular that you can open a shop with all of your idea and can bring good profit from it. Many artists taking this opportunity for their own satisfaction to create something new from denim.

An Inspiration:

Do you know a denim art work sold £4,500 only because of amazing re-creation? An artist who uses old denim jeans to create pictures of London street scenes is taking the art world by storm.

Ian Berry was first inspired to take up his denim art when he found some old jeans while clearing his old room. He started making the denim pieces of art full-time after he was made redundant from his job as an art director. Now He has a gallery of more than 80 pictures of denim re-creation art.


Among his collection are pictures of the London Underground, Piccadilly Circus, Hampstead Heath and Camden Town. To produce the works of art, Mr. Berry cuts pieces of denim into precise shapes before painstakingly gluing them all together. To achieve different looks, he sometimes uses bleach, either with a stencil and spray, and experiments with different colour jeans.

Ian Berry: Finding the correct piece of denim, even for the smallest detail in his pictures, can take up to half a day.

Hand bag:

Another denim re-creation is hand carry bag made from used wide jeans or jackets. You can buy a piece of bag in range of USD 10 to 50 from amazon store. This is also very simple denim art you can make at your home.screenshot-17


This is one of the well-known denim item which can be commercially make or re-make using old jeans. There are lot of styles of this item around the world.screenshot-18

Not only had this mentioned items, re-creation denim ideas now making profitable thinking for an artists to give something in social fashion trends. Making denim pillows, rugs, toys, ornaments gives an artists both commercial and innovative thinking. Today’s world thinking re-using of items so it’s better you think like an artists what you can do with your pair of jeans.