Denim imports in US from Bangladesh decreased by 8.46% in the first 2 quarter of 2020

70Blue denim imports in US decreased in terms of volume by 32.19 per cent to $1.69 billion per year until August, according to the most recent figures from the Department of commerce ‘s Office of Textile & Apparel (OTEXA). This was a little higher than the fall in seven months to July of 35.26 percent annually. On the positive side of the ledger, Cambodia and Vietnam were the only major suppliers. Jeans from Vietnam rose in the first eight months of 2020, by 1.51 percent to 230.1 billion dollars and Cambodia exported 23.2 percent to 89.03 million dollars.

Denim imports from Bangladesh decreased by 8.46% to 333.55 million dollars in the period, while Mexico’s imports decreased by 50.89% to 274.45 million dollars. The two countries cut their annual deficits from the previous month in August. The declining market share of China started to decrease to Vietnam’s No. 4 provider of volume. In the eight-month span, imports of jeans from China fallen 60,21 per cent, a little better than a month ago, down to $205,94 million , down 63,23 percent.

The remainder of the top 10 suppliers increased marginally during the month, while shipments remained substantially reduced for the year. Imports from Pakistan were down 16.44%, to $142.79 million, from 38.2% to $71.94 million, from 31.12% for Nicaragua to 55.7 million, from 17.49 million to $31.96 million for Sri Lanka and from 12.47% for Lesotho to $31.78 million.