Denim industry to pave the way for digital communication in response to the global sourcing demand

70The pandemic of Covid-19 was a major challenge for denim in a responsive heavy industry, which has always relied on travel as inspiration. Installations and brand studios had to work hard to follow digital approaches that replicate the experience of the customer instead of organizing showroom and building trade show events. And as many as can confirm the job from home, zoom meetings will only go as far as possible.

Take into account new smartphone applications with unique trend analyses and digitally optimized distribution packages with comprehensive details on the supply chain. Denim mills pave the way for digital communication in the industry and only an internet connection is necessary.

“It’s an absolute reality that quickness is extremely necessary for a digital environment every day,” said BEREM Dönerci, Calik Denim Marketing Communications Manager. The Turkish denim factory has created an app to allow customers to explore global denim trends, match them to the fabrics from Calik Denim and request a sample. But it did not come up instantly, even in response to the pandemic it wasn’t established. Long before countries around the world were pushed into isolation, Calik Denim’s app was released in May 2019. Dönerci said, “During the lockdown, the world was concentrating more on digital technologies and we were fortunate because we had built our digital infrastructure already. Complete with the initial system, Calik’s mobile app was able to boost the pandemic. The business has expanded its ability with a forum, and a new technology and innovation section.

The new features include videos and written material from jeans such as Samuel Trotman, Simply Suzette, Robin Meijerink and Will Varnam, Robin Denim. Their new feature includes a wide range of editorial drive. Candiani has recently launched the first e-commercing platform that offers a selection of exclusive denim styles produced by their brand partners for men, women and children. Simon Giuliani, global marketing director at Candiani S.p. A., and selling jeans, pointed out that the web site promotes brands by means of a rich narrative and allows customers to appreciate their product more closely.

“As a company, we want to give all our partnerships a chance, which is a win for Candiani Factory, the brand and the end client, because they are focused on fashion as well as training,” he says. “As a mill, we believe that this is the most effective, even if not the easiest, way for the industry to help the final consumer develop more conscious shopping behavior.” As the physical shop opened in Milan in 2019, the online shop sold special publishing partners, and showed signs of success, only one month after it began. And with many international travelers pause, this is a way to experience the Candiani retail worldwide. “The physical store is increasingly increasing to a destination shop with a rise in revenue, although it is still premature to assess online sales, which in challenging times are shocking,” said Giuliani. “It’s just the start. The sky’s the limit until you concentrate on digital.